Those who would like to bring a little green into their homes and their lives too can start with one of these planters made out of wine corks. Of course, it would be a pity to buy just one, considering that a set of three wine corks can be enough to cover a big garden. For those who would rather prefer to make their own corks, an interesting idea is to use a set of five small ones.

As you can see in these pictures, the planters are hanging upside down from the wall, from the ceiling or from the pole that supports them. In some of the cases, the planters are made of two or more wine corks, hung from different positions on the wall. They look very well and they have a very original look. In order to make them even more interesting, the planters have been treated with a metallic dye.

They are perfect for the garden and they are easy to care for. The set contains five planters, each one with its own number and hanging arrangements.Available for 39$.