Lighting is a very important aspect when decorating your home. It may even be the one the devil has played a key role in creating your final décor. However, at the core of any room is the ceiling and it’s critical to create an appropriate lighting scene. You can’t ignore the ceiling either. If you have a home with a ceiling somewhere that may not be an attractive feature to change or enhance. La Siesta is a lighting fixture that changes the entire look of your home.

This intriguing ceiling light comes in a variety of colors and patterns that can be combined or used as the centerpiece for any space. The idea here is to get a gorgeous amount of light from all directions. Being rectangular in shape, this ceiling light would be ideal to hang over a bookcase or living room. I mean the heart of the house, which would be the ceiling, around which the rest of the room would be organized.

I know that several ceiling lights like this one would look awesome in a minimalist home, but there are also other options and designs, like the transparent ones, that would look amazing and would be perfect to complement a transparent chandelier. Actually is a bit questionable what this ceiling light is, because it doesn’t really hide the light source under it. It’s just what you need. So if you decide to use this light fixture as a decoration for your home, take a look at its design and make a split decision.