I know Picnic is not exactly a picnic, but just a small table and cushions. But this doesn’t mean it is any way like that. According to the guys from Green Apple have created a very special table designed exactly like this one. Believe it or not, this picnic dining table is actually a table shaped like a picnic basket looking like a basket. It can be used as a separate table or it can be split in two parts and turned into a nice night light.

The table is very beautiful and stylish and, as you can see from the pictures, its base is made of solid wood and framed in stainless steel which makes it even more resistant. The whole thing is very well designed and the picture is taken right from the first post after which you can see the full design. The legs are grey and so are the feet and if you continue the design with more chairs you can create an original outdoor table.

If you buy it you can have it for $239.99. It will look wonderful in any modern garden and I am sure that this will be the main attraction for your visitors.