Located in Tyler, Florida, USA, this teenager’s bedroom was built from an abandoned house. The house was built in 1932 and the building was originally built in the 1940’s. With time it became abandoned and the space needed to be expanded and remodeled.

This 1930’s apartment was transformed into this unexpected modern master suite. The owner wanted the new design to be simple, bright and modern and he also wanted the space to include space for art and play. The transformation of the apartment was completed in 2012 and it included a series of major changes.

The office that worked there was extension to the main building and thus that space became larger. The bedrooms and bathrooms have been renovated and so now they are larger, more airy and more spacious, allowing more room for the art and play area.

Teenages Bedrooms From An Abandoned Home In Florida Photo 5

There were also changes made to the master bedroom. For example, the windows were large throughout and the rooms were split into two. There’s also a third bedroom, currently used as a playroom. Overall, the apartment has a contemporary look and it suits the owner’s preferences. It has a beautiful interior décor with colorful art pieces and it’s a great place to live in.{found on apartmenttherapy}.