If you’re a really big fan of the color pink then you’ll probably just love this room. It’s so bright and happy and it really contributes to the atmosphere in the room. Also, it looks very chic and stylish. Everything about it is matching. The color choice is also harmonious and beautiful. The room looks very domestic, especially with the pink rug that’s been chosen for almost all the walls throughout the room.

The sofa and the bed also match the color of the rug and they provide some color for the décor. The rug is not too bold. It’s a simple floral pattern that would look nice in a modern bedroom. In this case the rug was sued to contrast with the upright painting from the wall. The black cushion looks very chic and the black and white and gray and checkered pattern look modern and also have some vintage charm.

Play Room Rugs & More Cushions Photo 2

Play Room Rugs & More Cushions Photo 3