Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Flower Bed Ideas By Funn Roberts

For those who would like to show their passion for flowers or plants and also have the opportunity to bring a new aspect of life into their house, the flower bed is always a perfect option.In order to get an […]

Garden Pathway Design With A Twist

We love the look of a garden pathway. It has the potential to bring out the beauty in everything surrounding it and it fits in perfectly with a variety of styles and interiors. A beautiful garden pathway can take many […]

Japanese Garden Ideas

A garden is the perfect place to put some fresh flowers, flower pots or even a nice green vase. In this special garden you can find a very beautiful combination of traditional Japanese plants with modern accessories and modern items. […]

Japanese Garden Design Ideas

When we think about a garden, we think about a place where we can relax and spend time with friends or animals. So, when somebody comes to us and wants to spend time in a rather busy place, it’s natural […]

Aquarium Designs Ideas

The aquarium is an important element in any bathroom, regardless of its size, shape or style. But regardless of the dimensions of the aquarium, the image it spawns is always spectacular and unique. And since it becomes the main attraction […]

Rock Garden Design

The idea of having a rock garden in your home is one that inspires comfort, relaxation and well-being. In a world dominated by concrete, glass and stone, rock gardens are incorporating natural elements into modern designs in a unique and […]

Japanese Landscaping Ideas

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this residence has been awarded the title of the 2010 APA Hawaii Dining Challenge by the American Society of Interior Designers and the highest standard organization in the APA Hawaii Dining Challenge. The design was created […]