For those who prefer a rustic look, we have a nice selection of kitchen backsplashes and furniture. This design was created by BK Interior Design and it’s a particularly appealing choice for rustic kitchens. BK Interior Design created this collection based on simple materials and natural textures.

The collection includes items such as bar rugs, kitchen island wall tiles, cutlery tiled backsplashes, table/bench countertops, chairs, coffee table, nightstands and even some mirrors. They all share similar designs that represent traditional style combined with modern influences. All the pieces are made of durable natural materials with natural brown finish. They have simple designs and they feature natural texture and coloring.

Even though the pieces seem simple and chic, the materials used to create them are not the same. The natural fiber weaving process involved using rope through a series of knots, stitching, glue and metal fittings. Therefore, each piece is unique and has its own particularities that make it unique. Moreover, because of the materials sued, the pieces look rustic but they also have a modern appeal.

Rustic Kitchen Backsplashes And Furniture By BK Interior Design Photo 3