I think we all could all have a lot of fun decorating our homes. And because there’s a lot of free time and energy involved, people sometimes take matters into their own hands and do some of the crazy. With a little, attention and some practice you can turn your home into an absolute surfboard nest. Take a look at this fun establishment located in Venice, California, USA.

This place was designed by Jessica Hueso of Ella Gardens. She basically started this project and encouraged everyone to help with that. So if you think about how much time you could spend decorating your home, maybe this is a great way of reminding you to pick up the pace and start over. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up making some new friends.

Teen Hang Outs By Jessica Hueson Of Ella Gardens Photo 2

This place really captures the spirit of surfing and the beach area around it. The interior design is very playful. I really like the hanging surf head and the different patterns on the walls. The proportions are also very nice and the blue is a good choice for the background.

The suspended bed seems like a little trap. You never know when you’re going to need a little privacy there. And the wall behind the bed is also a very nice touch and it makes the whole bedroom look less creepy.

The room is very airy and bright but also very warm and inviting. At one end of the room there’s a small coffee table that matches the other accent features. Above it is a series of chairs and armchairs, but they’re not exactly closers. A bench with some cozy cushions offers seating for the sofa and a simple table with a round top.

The bedroom also has a few other interesting elements such as that creepy wood spider web behind the bed, the pink carpet, the pastel decor, the mint green walls, and of course the lighting fixture. It’s a little something that will definitely remind of those scary movie moments when the main character wore a net to hide in there.{found on apartmenttherapy}.