When you start renovating your home you have to be prepared to be creative and to find new and unique ways of including elements that you find beautiful or which serve you. It’s why we’re very excited to show you some corner decor ideas that might look good in your home. Here they are:

Make a canopy for the bed.

If you have a fireplace then you have a great opportunity to include a mantle or a pergola. If not, you can just make one. This space that is wallpapered was made using a sheet of wallpaper that was layered and then painted. It serves as a subtle accent feature for the room.{found on aprilletti}.

A tufted headboard.

This headboard is very interesting. It’s an original headboard with a quirky and fun design. The piece that also makes it original is the tufted headboard. It’s a simple and creative way of adding some romanticism to the bedroom. The headboard goes from wall to wall and the bed has a diamond-patterned cover with a very interesting pattern.

A chaise lounge.

Let’s not forget about the great big piece that is the chaise lounge. It’s such a cozy and comfortable piece of furniture that would fit and would look wonderful in a bedroom. It can be a nice addition to the bedroom, maybe for a quiet dinner by the light of candle or just a quiet morning coffee. There are a lot of different designs to choose from.{found on site}.

A tiled headboard.

The headboard is a very important element in any bedroom’s interior décor. It’s the first touch that welcomes the guests into the room and it’s also a great accent feature. So why not make your bedroom stand out with a unique headboard? You can paint it a bold color like yellow, white or natural wood or you can just make it a subtle color, with an interesting pattern.{found on site}.

A gallery.

A gallery is another way of adding color to the bedroom. You can display original photos and pictures and make it look like a gallery but it can also be something less obvious like a headboard that features small framed photos of different sizes and images of different styles.

A comfortable nook.

A comfortable nook is usually an area associated with the bedroom. It’s why it would be nice to turn it into a relaxing and peaceful space. You can have a small bed and a chair, perhaps a daybed or sofa. You can also have a reading corner or locker table and some comfy chairs around it.{found on site}.

Energy-efficient lighting.

Lighting is very important in any type of décor, including the bedroom. In this case, it’s very important to have an energy-efficient lighting fixture. Energy-efficient light fixtures are not only great but they also create a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Hanging light fixtures over the nightstands.

Hanging light fixtures over the nightstands is a great way of adding accent lighting where needed. The light will be reflected onto the nightstand and it will also create a very nice atmosphere.