As we’re usually used to seeing Chinese interior design and decors, they have something special, something different and eye-catching. Chinese decorations take many forms and they can be related to everything from coffee tables to nightstands and even hallways. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from. We managed to select a few of the most common ones and we’re showing them to you.

1. Ornate tablecloth.

For a luxurious and elegant look, you can create an elegant Chinese-inspired décor by choosing an ornate tablecloth for the dining room. Try using rich colors and add a transparent glass top.

Chinese Home Decorating Ideas Photo 3

2. Clean hardwood floor/carcades.

Chinese Home Decorating Ideas Photo 4

If you use hardwood floors in the bathroom you can create a warm and also elegant and chic look for the room by painting the walls and turning the wooden ceiling into a focal point. Combine the wooden pieces with white décor for a balanced look.

Chinese Home Decorating Ideas Photo 5

3. Simple but colorful accessories.

The key for an elegant and simple décor is not limited to the colors or the textures. You can also add some color in other forms. For example, decorate the space with fresh flowers. Choose a simple but vibrant color palette and combine it with black and white accents for a minimalist and futuristic look.

4. Rustic trim.

You can also make a pinecone pouf for the bed or for any other minor surface. If you use grey fabric then you can also switch the pouf for black and white. The main idea is to create a subtle contrast. The pouf will also add a warm touch to the room so making it look inviting will be easy.

5. Colorful decorations.

You can also make a colorful pouf or a chandelier. You just need some fabric and a sewing machine. Pick a bold color, maybe something that some pop colors or just let your imagination guide you. You can sew multiple different colors and give the pouf character and at the end you can sew a little slot for the light bulb.