It’s time to check out our latest interior design ideas and ideas. Here we are, profiling the week of 2015 (published on the 14th).

This year we started with the Holmenkollen, a geometric springtime pattern with 1950s charm. The Sunflower, a linen-dressed cover and hand-stitched lace are just a few of the many beautiful details this pattern has to offer. For all the details you can also check out the blog.

Interior Designs 2015, Highlights From The Week Photo 2

2015 is also called the Halloween Ship and this interior decor pattern has plenty of spooky and dark hints. A black cat in the living room is only one of the many disturbing details yet another element to look at. The everywhere carpet is black and the kitchen island and lighting fixtures are black as well.

Interior Designs 2015, Highlights From The Week Photo 3

Spiders make an impact even in the simplest of interior designs, as shown here by the colorful artwork displayed on the white walls. The subtle contrast of colors and the shape of the light fixtures help to avoid becoming boring.

Some colors we now know as strong contrasts help to stress the importance of other details such as the texture of the flooring or the furniture. Here we can see here how rich wood tones and dark blue accents complement each other in a simple setting.

How interesting is the black kitchen island. It sits at the center of this colourful space and it’s the element that creates a feeling of spaciousness, biggest of all, given the fact that the kitchen and the dining areas are effectively connected.

Isn’t it great how the teal curtains and the matching lampshade fill the white room? The combination is simple and classical enough to never go out of style.

Here’s how a kitchen with black can integrate a sculptural side table into its decor. I guess you need to have a lot of free space in order to fit this piece.

As you can see, black is a color that suits most kitchens, regardless of the style they have. This protects them from bad colors and makes them stand out.

Glossy finishes are very popular in modern and contemporary interior design. They can suit a lot of different types of spaces. In the case of a kitchen, consider having a funky backsplash to complement your black cabinets.