The coffee table is the piece that completes the living room and which is the center of the sitting area in any living room. It’s usually simple and neutral but stylish and elegant. It’s the focal point of the room and the main source of conversation points. So its design needs to be carefully chosen depending on the room and on the ambiance you want to create. There are several types of coffee tables and all of them have one of them. Black coffee tables seem to be the most popular ones, especially because they resemble black curtains.

Coffee table with rounded top.

The design of the coffee table needs to be chosen in relation to the room, the function and the ambiance. For example, the coffee table should be that special element that stands out in the room. It can feature an unusual shape or it can be seamlessly integrated into a more complex décor where the rest of the features fall in place.

Black and white.

Because of the strong contrast created by the black versus white combo, a simple and elegant look would be just right for the living room. And since black and white are neutral colors, you can expect it to be used as an accent color in numerous different ways and not always as the main shade.


If you prefer a minimalistic décor without any strong contrasts and splashes of color, then you should consider playing with white’s versus black combo. Usually the black element is simply the background element, the background color. So you can create the visual impression of a crisp and strong décor with white as the only color.