At first glance, the design of this table may seem very simple. After all, it doesn’t have a base or a top. But in fact the base of the table is the key to its unique look. The table was designed by Johnny Clejion Dabito and it’s been called “trestle”. The term actually comes from Sicilian slang, meaning buffet. It has a base made of marble and it has become popular in the Middle Ages.

The Gladiator table features a hand-turned marble top with aggressive orientations and a heavy, thick base resembling a sword. It’s a very unusual and eye-catching design indeed but it’s not over the top. In fact, the table still retains its elegance. It’s a very versatile piece of furniture. The real treasure of the table is its originality. It has a simple but dramatic look and it manages to combine elegance and functionality in a unique way.

Trestle Tables By Johnny Clejion Dabito Photo 2

Trestle Tables By Johnny Clejion Dabito Photo 3