The kitchen island has become a must-have in the kitchens. It’s the element that brings co-ordination and symmetry. It’s also useful for creating a casual, comfortable and informal look in the kitchen and it’s also very practical for those that either spend time together or entertain guests. The Quoake kitchen island also features an extended leaf that can be used as a breakfast table or bar.

The Quoake island accommodates a countertop for the cook to use while cooking eggs, hot dishes but also desserts, drinks and glasses. The island is handcrafted from sustainable maple wood and it also has a solid hardwood frame. The design of the island was modified to meet the requirements of both the client and the manufacturer and it therefore features beech plywood support and an overall simple but elegant look.

The island is compact and features two curved glass walls. It also has grey tinted wood cabinets that appear to be floating on water. The countertop is simple and built into the wall. Alcove toilets take the shape of the island and match the platform. Moreover, the practical installations are complemented by the design and the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. You can have this kitchen island for € 739.99.

Stone Kitchen Islands By Antonio Lupi Photo 3