The backsplash is a perfect way to update and create a kitchen design. In tiles, it’s easier to design and arrange the kitchen and reveal new accent details. Also, a backsplash is more stylish when it features a trendy and trendy pattern. Dva Arhitekta shows us how you can use a chevron pattern to give your backsplash a makeover.

The project was called Chevron and it covers a surface of 600 square feet. The first step was to mask the water stains with a black rag. Bite back of the dry ones and clean the tiles with a wet cloth. There should be no bubbles in the water. Then, after removing the mild stains, you have to polish a dry tile with ice water. Stay away from cleaning products or rubbing alcohol unless you don’t mind. The dry cleaner will also help to make the tile look glossy.

Next, all the tough stuff was removed. You should also remove the caulk around the pipes and drains. This will help to make the backsplash ad the whole kitchen look shinier. After you do that, the next step is to lay everything down and repeat the process. Keep in mind that you may have to bend the tiles at some points and this is a big part of the process. After you are done with all the tiles, clean all of the appliances and don’t forget to polish them.

Chevron Backsplash Tiles By Dva Arhitekta Photo 3