I am a very busy woman, but I do not find any reason to be more crowded in a home than now. I have enough leisure time every now and then, and the odd holiday visit from the neighbour has been worth the missed. However, now I have found this nice plate rack that is perfect for keeping the plate plate , also being handy to me at the moment when I need it.

This cool plate rack , called Urban Case Art, is designed by Domenic Fiorelli and carries a metallic look. It is important to notice that this plate rack is made of copper and has a big metallic plate on it and also has a leather covering on. It is simple and useful and you can use it for storing different things now and then without leaving traces on it with your bare hands. You can use this rack for dinnertime or special occasions.

You need to be careful with it because it can be pretty slippery, especially when standing on bare feet. Any way, it is solid and strong and has a very useful design, so you can use it for dinnertime and also for other events such as the christening, for example. It is not very large, but it helps you to save some space on the table. You can now purchase it for $55.