Winter is fun, sickening, smelly, hungry, and just plain nuts and pans. But it’s also a lot more fun to prepare healthy food and get dressed in fresh clothes. So, when you’ve opened the fridge and stuffed your clothes in sweatery fabrics and that starts to feel like winter, what do you do with all the leftover leftover ingredients from the last feast you ate? Well, I’m here to provide you with some much needed inspiration.

Even if you don’t have a kitchen equipped with a full fledged refrigerator and freezer, that doesn’t mean you can’t find your flashier, more organized clutter cans. Just lay back and look at these 12 clutter cans to equip your pantry and kitchen with.


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Kitchen clutter is inevitable in any home. We carry so many things from plates we can’t stash in a cupboard, shoes we don’t know if we should keep or throw out, kitchen tool bottles and so on. Instead of taking everything with us, fold and sort and donate. That way you can keep your media center space and keep your cooking utensils in one place instead of kicking them around in the cabinet. (via Domaine)

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While we’re sorting, we might as well throw in a goodie. Don’t throw out hard copies of your favorite shirt. Instead, buy a pair of super authentic looking suede that you won’t mind flaunting on your fridge.


When you’re on the market opting for a kitchen sink, you know that you only need to spend an hour or two on this item. But it’s important that you purchase one that you can take with you from now on. Having a kitchen sink will prolong the cook time while they stay in the cupboard, accumulating more cleaning time. (via Domino)

Kitchen backsplashes are a million times better than half a gallon of unopened canards or flooring. Once you have a way to get the clean stuff out of the way and get it out of the way, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen. (via Domino)

All it takes is a little ingenuity to make you a frugal one liner for your clean kitchen. This embroidery hoop liner will hug all the corners and give you a space to plant those pretty minty fresh herbs you’ve grown in a smaller container. (via Terrain)

Some kitchens are more of a closet than anything else, but a closet that is drilled can be turned into a bar and all you need to do is figure out where to put it! It will be an adorable addition to your kitchen. (via Apartment Therapy)

Kitchen cabinets can be difficult to keep organized, not to mention downright space-consuming. But all of those pieces are easily customizable with the launch of IKEA’s sequoia bar carts. Now all you have to do is slap a label on them and you’re in business. (via Style Me Pretty)

While you may struggle to keep your awful kitchen tidy, don’t let that stop you. Throw that pretty blue lid on and weave something of fluffy with it. You can make it even more appealing by contrasting the surface with an agate lid, like this one from A Beautiful Mess.

While this blue soap dispenser is probably a standard for your bathroom, the rose-printed handle has all the flair you need to bring spa style to your kitchen. Especially if you’re trying to keep it clutter-free. (via Urban Outfitters)

Let’s talk about metal. Have you ever thought about using a metal rack for your spice jars? It’s the perfect accessory for your pepper mill and it will make a beautiful piece in your kitchen. (via Pottery Barn)

Yes, that’s a clothespin. You might even want one for your kitchen island and your bathroom. It’s a small and interesting way to add a touch of Victorian to your home without sinking a dime. (via Amazon)

Requirement: Buy or DIY the towel bar. Even though towels are the easiest way to provide a home that’s clean and organized, a little incentive to do that comes with having a custom towel bar. And there are so many styles to choose from that should be easy to DIY. Check out this beauty! (via Ikea)