This island is perfect for those who need some extra storage space. The design is simple and functional and it also gives you the possibility to make it a part of your home. To make it a part of the kitchen you’ll have to be creative. The kitchen often needs storage spaces. Usually it’s the corners that get to be the most used.Today we’re going to present you a very practical and functional cutting board designed for the kitchen. It’s made from an oak parquet that not only provides stability for the board but also creates a beautiful style and a touch of elegance.

The only part that might not be as comfortable as the rest is the sharp corners that are probably more visible considering the style. If you decide to make this a special addition to your kitchen you can have it customized and you can also decide for the dimensions. The cutting board is 42 inches long and it offers three large storage drawers underneath the surface. It also features a refrigerator door and a door at the front that can also be used to store kitchen utensils. It might be a small drawer or maybe a large one but it’s as functional and useful as the rest of the ones.

Build Corner Shelf From Oak Parquet Photo 2

The same model is also available with a smaller design, the 24×42-56cm. It’s a simple but beautiful and chic kitchen island. It has an open bottom and a stainless steel base. The raised surface is perfect for storing all sorts of things that you need, like dishes, pots, spices, cups and other items.This kitchen island provides a functional storage space inside of the drawers and this also makes it a very practical piece of furniture.

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