When we talking about living room, the first thing that comes to our minds is the kitchen table. It’s the interface between the cooking area and the living room, along with maybe the chairs and other furniture pieces. Since it’s a social space, we can adapt it to the presence of other family members and friends by integrating a fireplace into the décor. The fireplace is a wonderful element that allows us to feel closer to our family by making the atmosphere cozy.

Modern and contemporary kitchens are often starting from this idea, that of socializing and thus interacting with each other, through cozy moments and activities. This type of kitchen also tends to be more functional and practical because it’s a part of the open floor plan. In most cases, the kitchen features a worktop and a dining area. Sometimes the living room is included in the design along with the dining table and a sofa.

Fireplaces can be integrated in almost any design. Take a look at the Bistro collection by Hierve.Switch over to read more.

The curve of the screen is a metaphor for the equality can be found in all the collections of L’Architecture from Hierve.

Kitchens With Fireplace Integrated In Their Interior Design Photo 4