What is so special about a house bar? The answer is never easy to find. One can only interpret it one way. A house bar is an annex to a kitchen or a dining room, a space where one can enjoy a drink with family and friends without having to go downstairs.

Richard Kirk managed to create this interesting place. He basically added a kitchen island, a dining table, a wall and some benches around it. And by combining all these elements, you get a nice living space. The house bar had its initial design in mind of a residence a few years ago but it is only recently that it started to take shape. The bar was created by Thai design studio WonderWood, which was based in Santa Barbara that knows how to make the most of wood and its versatility was exploited to the point where it became the main material that defines the whole project.

The initial idea was clever and very well thought through but it quickly became a pain to execute. The architect had to eat a lot of beers in a row and, after that, it became a real challenge to find the right spot for the bar. Initially it was a dark space with few openings so the architect decided to open it up and to make it a great space that flows naturally. The result was the Miami bar you see now.{found on contemporist}.