Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Pool Decking Design By James & Mau

What better place to spend a few lazy days in than poolside? James & Mau proposes something with a different kind of pool decking design. The idea is very unusual but the result is very satisfying. We’re talking about a […]

Inside Pools By CustomAmeda

The custom made pools by French designer Eva Cotman are making their way into pool environments everywhere across the globe! This stunning aqua blue pool from CustomAmeda will make the perfect addition to your swimming pool. Beyond the grandeur of […]

Built In Aquarium By Marcus Devillard

Designed by French architect Marcus Devillard, this aquarium is built inside the floor of aholic, luxury apartment located in the 11th arondissement of Paris, France. The aquarium room is perfect for all social events and important personal activities, whether it’s […]

Indoor Plant Design By Alex Andrite

This is the latest design created by the Italian designer Alex Andrite for the Greek company Petite. The planar design follows the shape of the plant, with one elongated element continuing its line and the other positioned in a more […]

Modern Kitchen Remodel

Janet Gustafson of Gustafsson Design, Inc. sent us photos of a kitchen remodeled in 2010. This particular kitchen was in extreme need of some work. The place had been over decorated in the past, and it was outdated and dark. […]

Japanese Garden Ideas

A garden is the perfect place to put some fresh flowers, flower pots or even a nice green vase. In this special garden you can find a very beautiful combination of traditional Japanese plants with modern accessories and modern items. […]