The custom made pools by French designer Eva Cotman are making their way into pool environments everywhere across the globe! This stunning aqua blue pool from CustomAmeda will make the perfect addition to your swimming pool. Beyond the grandeur of the pool itself, the unique design includes an integrated LED lighting system, which promises to change the color of the pool immediately upon stepping off the deck! But that’s not all! Additional features include a water feature and an entrance tunnel, which are worthy of detailed praise. For additional information, go to CustomAmeda.

The aqua blue pool above is truly a work of art!

Up a small but sweet swimming pool, and you’re sure to infuse some much-needed sunshine and light into the otherwise Zen-inspired interior of your home.

Inside Pools By CustomAmeda Photo 4

The Pool House in Hampton Bays

Another one of the pool house ideas is to incorporate a minimalist living wall into the pool house. The Hampton Bays Master Builders are leading the pack with their highly contemporary and sleek house, which is designed by Keiji Ashizawa Design. A water feature is the only thing that connects the pool house and the rest of the house. There is also a gorgeous fire pit with seating to keep the heat of the sun out later in the evening. But that’s not to say the house can’t enjoy the pool too!

Our most recent immersion into the pool house design which is featured at Directions on the Wall, is an amazing, relaxing swimming pool design that comes to life with the changing lights.

This amazing house done by IDology and located in Melbourne, Australia uses the shades of grey and white to create a unique interior color palette that blends the pool house and the interior living room into one fluid, flowing space.

The Rieteiland Pool House designed by Bergen and Sampenburg Architects takes it’s fun seriously. With a color scheme dominated by white and dark wood – including live-edge and faux-rustic countertops – it sure has to be one of the more unique pool house ideas to try.

Our last example of pool house finishes nicely with a classy living room that encompasses both the pool house and the living room. Adult and kids alike can lounge around the plush sectional while enjoying the water, which literally floods into the living room via the vertically arranged fireplaces. Complemented by fresh grey walls, the room is as harmonious as can be.


Image © 2015 Celebi Architects Limited.