House in the Hamptons is a unique property located in Sag Harbor, New York, at the edge of the Hamptons Country Club, just a few minutes from the seaside.

Designed by David Howell Design, this gorgeous contemporary residence was created to be private luxe but accepting and warm enough for constant use by family and friends.

With a warm, traditional touch, the exterior architecture frames the interior of the home, with glass walls and a trellis roof that follows the shape of the hillside.

The main entrance is the living room with a large gourmet kitchen and dining room area, enclosed on one side by a stone fireplace containing a television and easily cascading with light. More sliding doors lead to the second side of the home, including a large sliding glass door that can be closed off when the area is invaded by abundant natural light. The kitchen is right next to the dining room, occupying the same area across from the outdoor kitchen.

The dining room is clearly separate from the kitchen, but both areas can be looked through to the master bedroom. Using granite flooring that retains a light, warm feel, the room benefits from the indirect light that filters through the glass walls and reflects off the ceiling, softening the area and accentuating the textures of the floors.

The master bedroom is further separated from the surrounding wood by a wooden wall that acts as a headboard and offers a detached view of the ocean for the bed-making area. The room boasts a large floating bed, creating an atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

Across the room from the bed is a desk space that looks out onto an unparalleled view of the ocean.

Aside from the master bedroom and bathroom, House Boz also has a home office, a study, stables area, and a guest wing.

House Boz was designed to maximize privacy while still offering maximum security and a breathtaking 360-degree views. The aesthetic is modern, clean and simple with an emphasis on function, privacy and security.

Photography by Paul Miller.