Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Neon Room Design Ideas

One of the most common and simplest ways of decorating a bedroom is by using candles. The candles are great not just for the bed but also for the walls. They create this laid back atmosphere every time and they’re […]

Popular Shower Curtains Ideas

Shower curtains have been around for ages. With time they have evolved, both in terms of design and color. The history of the shower curtain is long and interesting. Usually, they are made of cotton or other synthetic material or […]

Modern Geometric Wallpaper

The wallpaper trend is now moving to the streets of many homes. Throw them onto walls, cover them with geometric designs, and position them so as to create interesting patterns on the wall. The pattern’s simplicity and interest will stir […]

Two Person Bathtub By Aygoustisis

These two person bathtubs are a modern stylish alternative to the traditional tubs, and are manufactured by Aygoustis. A space saving solution for small spaces the tubs are conveniently space saving and they can be installed both at a walled-in […]

Lace Decorations Made Of Copper

This is a project that originated from Bob Palmer who exposed himself to be a creative person and, without any doubt, he is brilliant. We all know he is indeed creative and brilliant and we admire how able he found […]

Reflective Pool By Menzo

The reflectance of the swimming pool is an ingenious idea that seems to cover a huge space. It was named reflection pool and it was designed by Italian company Menzo. The collection includes three collections: achievement, compliment and expansive. The […]