One of the most common and simplest ways of decorating a bedroom is by using candles. The candles are great not just for the bed but also for the walls. They create this laid back atmosphere every time and they’re great as accent decorations for the room but also for its overall design. So here are a few ideas that might inspire you.

In the first case the candles would be placed either in the ceiling or maybe not placed high above the bed. They’ll look like little stars on the wall. Place them strategically, in a row, centered around the bed.

Neon Room Design Ideas Photo 2

Another very easy and simple idea is to use a large number of candles and to position them in a random way in the room. It’s usually easy to find them in a basket or a heap somewhere.

Here’s another idea: create a centerpiece. The candles have to be in a certain form, shape, size or color so you can model them after the theme you have chosen. For example, you could use floral ornaments.

If you don’t want the candles to be the focal point in the room, you can hide them in a closet or somewhere you can put them in a basket.

Here’s another idea: create a romantic table or dinner table. The candles have to be really small and they have to sit in a vase.

In the bedroom, candles can be purely decorative. For example, this bedroom has a simple and cute-looking accent wall covered with candles in white.

If you decide to actually burn the candles then you can choose to make the wall look romantic and you can also turn the room into a dressing room or a home office.

For the mantel you can decorate one of the walls with candles. For the mantle, you can also decorate the ceiling.

Here are some more examples of candle decorated walls. As you can see, candle lighting cuts the room open and it’s a intimate décor.

Candles don’t necessarily have to be placed on the table. They can also be on the floor, for example. In the case of the bedroom, you can also decorate one of the walls with candles. The bed can also be a great place for candles, just not in the bedroom, in case the wardrobes are not particularly inviting or cozy.

As we’ve already mentioned, candle lighting is not that bad in the bedroom, considering how many the candles are. Also, the candles can be seen from anywhere and they help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for that particular room.

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