The key to a classy, elegant and sophisticated interior décor is not just in the name of the designer or the color pallette but also in the way you choose your furniture. There are several elements that can influence the final result. One of them is the color palette. Depending on the room that you decided to decorate, you can either choose simple and basic elements meant to be neutral or opulent and sophisticated. These simple colors like white, black, beige or gray can create a cold atmosphere.

Another element that can create the same kind of atmosphere is the presence of silk curtains. When you choose delicate curtains, they can either blend in or stand out against the décor of the bedroom. They can either stand out or blend in.

The position of the windows is also important. Both a part of the windows and also the shape. It’s possible to have them both if you wish to create a symmetrical interior décor or to have a small and long windows but that still remains an open space.{picture sources:1,2,3}.

Elegant Bedrooms With Simple But Sophisticated Designs Photo 3