Roof ceilings have a very interesting feature: they can tell a powerful story. They are used as alarm systems used to break the open space up and to prepare it for a more secure and secret installation. They are usually installed by the homeowners and it’s a term that can be used to scare anyone who enters their home to make it more interior-specific. But they are also a very versatile feature that can be used in many different ways.

For example, these roto ceiling systems feature spiral staircases that form a monthly passageway that stretches from the basement up to the roof. Each stair takes a circle and screws from the ceiling rods. As the number of steps increases, so does the depth of the rooms that they connect to increase the depth and the vertical length of the corridor. Then there’s also another system that doesn’t change the whole ceiling. It’s called the Circle Basins and it’s a system of mini cylindrical pillars that are joined together in various different ways that allow lit through ventilation and indirect lighting in the areas where sunlight is the most direct.

Usually the roto ceiling systems include metal, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), fiberglass or plywood and PVC. The latest models include the use of LED lights. They have sensors that let them detect the position of the sun and then automatically set the louvers to turn the louvers off. The technology introduced by the MoMA Modern Sofa is another important innovation. The sofa colors are based on the tones of the piano keys and they are all delicate and chic. The cushions are colorful and very friendly and they have soft fabrics that make them very cozy and comfortable. They can be selected to match the rest of the décor or to emulate the modern and chic main lines of the piece.

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