The kitchen is always a must have, no matter what type of home you have. However, some things are given a special place in the home because they are essential for cooking and they make our lives easier. One of these things is the stove. In the kitchen it’s usually more difficult to find something to cook something on than to just throw all the kitchen decoration and cooktop out. So it’s very important to find a very good and functional stove top that you can use for at least a part of the day if not even for the rest of the day because you need a lot of space and you don’t want the kitchen to be cluttered space that you could use for something else.

The Rachcoff Vella stove top is perfect for those cases. It’s very easy to read, clear and functional. Also, it has a very nice silver color. This kitchen just might be the perfect kitchen that you’re looking for. It has all the features you need and more. Moreover, the stove top also has a microwave feature, a built-in cooktop and even a fridge. In the kitchen there’s also a wine rack, storage space, a chopping board and an outlet where you can pour your favorite wine.

Corner Stove Top From Rachcoff Vella Photo 2

The kitchen measures 37? x 26? x 34 1/2? and it’s functional and modern, having the latest appliances but also looking very good. In the kitchen area there’s an extra-large oven that you can use when you’re cooking something in the living room or when entertaining your friends. It also makes it easier to stay-cool.

The dining room is very spacious and it has white walls and modern furniture combined with some gray pieces. The fireplace and the bay window complete the room. The house has 4 bedrooms, one for the owners, one for the kids and one for guests. It’s a spacious home with a modern and stylish interior.

Corner Stove Top From Rachcoff Vella Photo 4