Shower curtains have been around for ages. With time they have evolved, both in terms of design and color. The history of the shower curtain is long and interesting. Usually, they are made of cotton or other synthetic material or they are usually flat and have no stripes. They are used to control the water flow which is useful especially during the mornings. The bedroom, on the other hand, usually has glass walls or doors that let the water pass through.

The Nile shower curtain, for example, is a simple curtain that has a double function. It can either be used as a shower curtain or a shower curtain. In either case, it’s an interesting feature that is usually appreciated in both homes. This particular shower curtain is made of 100% Polyester, which is mildew resistant and drought-resistant. Its overall dimensions are 6? x 6?, with a wide border and a matching piece that can be attached to the shower wall or onto the door. Its color is grey, a very versatile neutral color that can be easily combined with other colors, just like with the white and blue combination.

The Nile shower curtain is available in both tall and short versions. The smaller one measures 3.25? x 3.25? and it costs $151. The large version measures 6? x 8? and costs $151. It was designed to be used as a shower curtain but it can also blend easily in a more traditional décor.

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