Make your home as welcoming as you want it to be by choosing the flooring carefully. We have the perfect design for you.The Lark tiles flooring has a light and fresh look because of the nature material. It comes in a large variety of colors and designs. Now it’s time for you to pick the perfect one.Lark is a wonderful choice for the bathroom because of the fact that it’s soft and friendly and it also comes in other colors as well, like golden oak or silver.

The flooring is made from 100% reclaimed teak wood reclaimed from water damaged in the Gulf of Thailand known as the Sucupreme River. The wood has excellent moisture resistance qualities and it’s always cool and dry in all seasons. This particular type of wood is not only more durable and stronger that wood made from other types of wood as it offers you the opportunity to add other finishes to it, like rug and carpet for example.

The flooring is available in two variants. The first one is more textured, with a flat surface, the second one is more geometric, with a rectangular area char- tile. You can choose the model, size and colour that you need and you can also connect two sets of wood right from the start. Moreover, this is an inexpensive and easy way of adding cost to your home improvements projects.