Small bathrooms are difficult to decorate and to maintain and it’s this lack of space that makes them impractical and less than ideal. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Before you get to pick the bathroom you need to analyze the space. Start by assessing its functionality and try to see how well the space is used. It must also include plenty of storage and the right mixture of materials.

Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean less space. In fact, it’s a way of saving money and a way of having a space that’s larger than it really is. For example, a small bathroom that’s poorly lit or unaesthetic can turn out to be an extremely valuable and efficient home.

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If you have a small bathroom it might be better to opt for an elongated mirror. The longer your mirror has lengthwise the greater the visual impact.

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Make the bathroom feel more spacious by using light colors. It’s a way of creating a feeling of space. But if you have the space necessary, try not to add more furniture than it’s necessary.

If the bathroom is small it can be interesting to have a large vanity and a simple but practical storage system. You can have a cabinet with drawers, some storage compartments and a mirror above them, maybe even a storage unit with sliders.

Another very efficient way of optimizing space is by using shower niches. They occupy little space and they can be designed in a lot of interesting ways. For example, you could have a niche designed to hold shampoo and conditioner or your typical bathroom medicine cabinet.

Instead of the usual bench or sink or vanity, it’s enough to design a more unusual sink. This one has a wooden top that’s actually a shelf attached to the wall. It serves as storage for the bathroom necessities or as a display space for decorations and accessories.

Having a shower with casters or two is really practical, especially when you have a small bathroom. Two individual washbasins can occupy most of the space. You can design them each with their own unique shape and color.

Another idea is to have a short bathtub. The tub can be extended from the wall and you can have two separate configurations for the tub and the sink. If it’s a storm the tub would be the optimizer.

Another useful idea is to have a ladder handy inside the tub. It will definitely give you an edge. Also, it’s a great idea because you can place there all the things that need storage such as towels, lotions and so on.

A contingent of features which you can incorporate into your bathroom are the sink and the shower. They each have their own way of being functional and helpful at the same time. Plug the shower into the bathtub and put your lotions on it but if you decide to install a sink make sure it’s properly sealed and insulated.

This simple system will help you make the most of every little inch of space. The shower area is obvious and very utilitarian. The lack of space between the tub and sink creates a sense of privacy and creates a serene and relaxing ambiance in the bathroom.

Another important aspect is the lighting. Give the bathroom a warm and intimate glow by using wood as a main material. It’s important for the texture and for the overall décor in general to be harmonious and fitting. A soft and fluffy pon-pom pillow covers the tub, creating a really cozy ambiance.

For the tub, small pon-pom lights evenly spread across the water features. You can use them to give your bathroom a romantic look. It’s also an idea to use ambient lighting and spotlights to create a comfortable and relaxing ambiance in the bathroom.