If you love tiles that tell your own story without yourself, than you must take a look at this beautiful and unusual floor tile by Marimekko.

I personally like tiles that tell a strong and important story and I find them a very good choice for the bathroom. In this particular bathroom, the characteristic feature is the wonderful metallic finish that has been applied on the floor. And since the Dimbassy pattern has turned out to be so attractive, the tiles have been arranged in a very nice way, with subtle colors and lots of different combinations.

Rectangular Floor Tile By Marimekko Photo 2

This floor tile is available in many different colors: blue, green, white, yellow, red or painted on black. This tile is so beautifully designed that you will love it. For a price between $550 and $1100, this tile makes a great choice for any bathroom, regardless of its size.

Rectangular Floor Tile By Marimekko Photo 3