The new Vivaso bathroom collection from Italian bathroom manufacturer Adagio includes a vanity base and side tables, all crafted from Adagio wood and Vitae granite. This boutique collection offers the latest in innovative design and technology transfer to the bathroom: the combination of the elegant sink and stylish side table are outstanding design features that will turn your powder room, especially into a contemporary spa centre.

The strong lines of the Vivaso collection can be admired in the detail that sculpted square and rectangular surfaces of the basin and side tables. This cool collection will make its debut in the autumn of 2010.

The new Vivaso collection is available in white, black, oak, walnut and mat white lacquer. Prices range from £690.00 to £1900.00, according to your choice. If you choose white, then you can expect to find a vanity base in white or black. If you choose mat white, then you can expect to find a side table, also in white, black or walnut. If you choose oak, then choose either a vanity base in white or mat white lacquer. Moreover, for this collection, wood is used in the polished stainless steel parts.

This collection is perfect for the minimalist bathroom. It offer you a clean and elegant look, which is why they decided to go with this clean line, which is very elegant and stylish. If you are not very sure if you want to make a statement with this collection, leave a comment below.