I am a very busy person, but I also have a nice family, so I try to be the perfect host for all my friends and family, that is why I try to make all my friends sit at the table, have a good time so that everyone feels comfortable. Of course, the table remains the central piece of furniture of the living room, but I try to change this and make a small side table also look good.

Carlo Pieranto created a wonderful piece of furniture for your side. It is a very special table that has a very interesting design, a combination of an ottoman that is used later in the living room and a storage shelf. When it is not used you can transform it into a comfortable seat fork to read your book, a nice coffee table or a lovely stool. It is special and has a retro character, but it is also a very modern furniture piece.

Diy Side Tables By Carlo Pieranto Photo 2

Diy Side Tables By Carlo Pieranto Photo 3