What better place to spend a few lazy days in than poolside? James & Mau proposes something with a different kind of pool decking design. The idea is very unusual but the result is very satisfying. We’re talking about a pool decked with wooden travertine, which enhances the unique look of the pool.

The structure is a wooden box that has a glass-enclosed section and the rest of the frame is made of stained cedar shipping pallets. The list of materials used by James & Mau for this interesting project is: chrome-plated steel frame, aged to look like aged steel, natural cedar wood, pouring water into a bigger water tank and a water closet. The result is a very modern and interesting design.

It seems to be a very good choice for private gardens. Maybe the sun will take us away from the busy streets and the busy mountain paths. And I really like this combination of rustic and modern, even if the architecture is not particularly elegant or sophisticated. The unusual combination of styles is both functional and very elegant. It’s a beautiful design, modern and functional.

Pool Decking Design By James & Mau Photo 3

Pool Decking Design By James & Mau Photo 4