The new Porcelanosa kitchens are designed by Spanish kitchen company A-cero and they come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, suited to each home.

The collection is unique and beautiful in more than one way. First of all, the collection has a modern and minimalist design. The furniture is designed solely in order to be functional and practical and this is something very appreciated in the case of modern and contemporary home because it makes the space look very clean and organized. Then there’s also the fact that this collection is perfect for open space kitchens. The kitchen is not only smaller than most homes and it’s also designed to be as practical as it can be.

Porcelanosa Kitchen By A-cero Photo 2

Porcelanosa kitchens are particularly stylish and they fit nicely in modern homes. They can be successfully adapted to all types of spaces. The big advantage of the collection is that it allows the user to design and build the kitchen exactly as he wants and he can also ask for flexibility in terms of functionality and even from a designer.

Porcelanosa Kitchen By A-cero Photo 3

This new Porcelanosa kitchen is particularly interesting because it has a minimalist design and because it has such a simple and elegant look. The collection includes several different designs for the kitchen. There’s also a big model with a minimalist look, another one with an unusual and yet interesting shape and the last one with a big, blocky design. All the designs are also available in lacquered versions and white, black or gray.