Ingenious and contemporary, the Trisugen innovative makeup tray and shelf is a modular storage solution made of acrylic.

Its simple, clean design makes it perfect for contemporary kitchens which are usually very simple in terms of design and structure. The tray is transparent and has a design that allows it to become a part of the kitchen’s design and yet it can stand out without any effort.

The Trisugat countertop collection was designed by Giuseppe Bavuso and is responsive and versatile enough to integrate well in almost any type of kitchen. Its most distinctive feature is the design formed of a continuous top with a ridged edges which can either be horizontal or they can be vertical offset which allows the user to either put the tray on the countertop or on an island or table. In addition to this flat top, the collection also includes bar stools with matching bottom shelf adjustments.

Acrylic Backsplashes And Countertops By Trisugen Photo 3