When you’re living at home, the door between your bedroom and bathroom is often non-existent. However, when you work at home, the doors are often set back and the separation becomes even more difficult. It’s why finding working solutions for the problem becomes extremely important. With that in mind, we found a few kitchen remodel ideas that are usually useful to the owner.

Kitchen curtains and work surfaces.

After the apartment was renovated, the kitchen was also stripped down. The kitchen was then painted white and got new work surfaces which were created using the tiled area rugs. The work surfaces were also replaced with wooden ones that are easier to clean.

Kitchen Door Ideas To Make Working At Home More Tolerable Photo 3

Cabinet sewn wallpaper.

Kitchen curtains are a great way of creating a separation for the working areas or of hiding the appliances when you’re not using them. In this case the kitchen cabinets were also removed and the walls and the ceiling were made white. This way the kitchen is now an open space and the curtains don’t obstruct the views at all.

Kitchen Door Ideas To Make Working At Home More Tolerable Photo 5

Paint the ceiling.

Everyone knows this option. But many people don’t like it and don’t want their kitchen to be a separate room all the time. However, this is a valid solution. It allows you to cover one of the walls with tiles or paint it the same color as the walls and this way a continuous pattern can be created.

The color of the walls can also be inspired by the color of the furniture featured in the room. This sofa, for example, features dark blue walls which were a chic touch.

Wallpaper the walls.

Another practical and simple option would be to paint the walls. You can even create a geometric pattern using paint. If you don’t want it to show too much you can also play with all sorts of other combinations.

A nice project would be to repurpose a tray. For example, you can use it as a separator between the kitchen and the living room or at least make it look like one.

Make an island.

The island is an important element in any kitchen but it can also be a wonderful space-saving piece. If you don’t have an island, you can create one next to the windows or you can simply use it to heighten the level of common ground you have available.

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