Architect Gauravo Vasavic is the creative brain behind this amazing apartment located in the outskirts of Malmo in Sweden. What you see here is a one-bedroom apartment with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. But the best part is the landscaping around the house. Garden gnomes and flowers complete the lovely design and make it all look even cozier.

The original part of the apartment was a two-room apartment so the new layout needed to be a little bit different than planned. That’s why the kitchen was relocated and the existing one was eliminated. The bathroom, laundry room and the storage areas were reconfigured into a more open and seamless part of the apartment.

A mezzanine level was added to the apartment in order to accommodate the bedroom, bathroom and work space. It’s a semi-private space without any unnecessary decorations or details. The furniture and the details are simple, modern and carefully organized.

Apartment Ideas By Gauravo Architects Photo 3

Apartment Ideas By Gauravo Architects Photo 4