If you’re a busy person than you probably know how hard it is to separate the breakfast area from the other spaces. Usually there are several places that have to be separated and these areas have to be nicely delimitated so that the people using them can still have everything they need where they want.

This is how the first breakfast table with space for 12 looked like. It’s a very simple piece of furniture, with a wooden top and it’s perfect for the breakfast area. It allows the users to sit comfortably on the bench and to be able to adjust it perfectly depending on the height of the substitute. The table is small and stylish and it looks very comfortable under the humans feet. It’s a piece of furniture that can be used for the breakfast in bed or for daily purposes in the kitchen or dining room.

I believe that a breakfast table should be placed somewhere where you know it will be easily accessible but you can also put it somewhere else. Usually you choose the breakfast table because it’s the place where you finish all your dishes, cleaning your table or having dinner. Of course, if you also need your breakfast coffee or tea, you’ll probably want to place it somewhere that’s also arranged in such a way that you can easily reach it.

Small Breakfast Table With Space For 12 Photo 3

This small breakfast table is perfect for the kitchen because it takes very little space and it can be placed anywhere you want. In this case, it’s placed in the hallway, near the washbasin. The table is made from English oak and also has a glass top, a very simple and versatile design. It comes with an engineered hardwood frame, solid maple legs and a cherry finish. It’s a minimalist piece of furniture, the only thing that it has in common being the simplicity of the design and the functionality.Available for $39.

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