When redecorating the bedrooms it’s always difficult to not create a contrast between the bed and the rest of the décor. The two pieces come together harmoniously and the result is usually a beautiful combination of colors, different textures and finishes, different styles and types of materials that complement each other. But what about the rest of the apartment? It’s usually easier to create a focal point with artwork so the color usually helps.

This apartment measures an area of 56 square meters and it’s been recently renovated. As you can see, the goal was to make it feel more spacious. Some of the walls had to be demolished. This decision was made when the apartment was first being renovated. The floor was painted white and this helped create a bright and airy atmosphere. The ceiling had to be removed too. Then the couple opted for skylights and pendant lamps. They also featured a wonderful colorful accent piece with flowers.

The light is subtle and warm at night and the atmosphere becomes inviting. The apartment is small but airy and bright. The skylights are illuminating the new staircase and the pendant lamps are the most eye-catching elements. They create a beautiful butterfly with one color and the pattern with two different images. The kitchen is mostly white with turquoise and blue accents. There’s a combination of wood and metal and it looks really nice.{found on digsdigs}.

Apartment Makeover With Skylights And Pink Curtains Photo 3