Indoor living spaces are booming right now, and that includes out front, as well. Imagine the joy of picking up a book in the afternoon, alone in your wood-burning fireplace. Or the day fondly call the back of you goodbye as you put your shoes on the toes of your friend as you kick a feet up, ready for the day’s meal. What about an outdoor space? There’s a growing number of patio homes throughout the world that are setting new standards in cool, comfortable living. Brillante architecture is ideal for the setting you design for.

Before you start painting your outdoor space, take some time to decide what you want the look to be. Determine your goals – you want it to look and feel nice, pretty and modern, etc. Just because you love the look of a house, doesn’t mean it has to be practically functional. Most often, outdoor spaces look like rooms you might find at a movie rather than a practical place to live.

Just because you want your outdoor living space to be cool, kid-friendly, practical and multifunctional doesn’t mean it has to be so…real. Solar panels, rainwater collection systems and natural ventilation are all great additions to your outdoor living space. The only potential downside to an all-weather space is when it’s too cold or raining, so your home’s style will likely change.

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Some people who own their own homes and won’t worry too much about snow in winter, while others like to have the fire up until the sun hits a time of the year. Then, the rest of their house looks like a plain concrete block. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re deciding on your outdoor living space.

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