Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Fish Tank Room Design By James & Mau

The fish tank room concept has been realized in collaboration with designer James & Mau. The project seeks to provide a space where guests can go to have a fill while still feeling relaxed and comfortable in the room. The […]

Blue Decor

Blue is a crucial color for the ecru of all arts and cultures. It is dominant in the Orient and is significant because it represents water and many of the colors in the Orient.Blue is a critical part in the […]

Oriental Landscape Design By Batlab

Architects Batartus-come, architects Batartus-weit, merged the interior and exterior of this slope house in Bozen, Italy in 2010. The pagoda-loft features an open upper level with balcony overhangs that protect the rooftop sun-bathe the interior of the home. Photos by: […]