If you’re currently redecorating or if you plan on giving a makeover to your home, grey white is a nice color that would work beautifully. It’s also a neutral and easy to combine with other colors so you can include it in your home’s décor regardless of the theme you have chosen. Let’s see how the owners of this lovely house decided to decorate their kitchen.

They opted for a farmhouse-style décor for this kitchen. It’s a casual look that actually suits this room very well. Even though the walls have been painted white, there’s still a subtle orange drip that’s starting to show through. This is a very welcome detail given the fact that the kitchen is basically small and has a very limited space to work with. Nevertheless, the stains are already under control.

The most difficult part in this case was re-painting the kitchen walls. This didn’t really change much and so the new brown cabinets only cover up some of the marks. To create a uniform look, the same cabinet doors were repurposed and stained white. The kitchen also got new countertops and they feature a pre-weathered appearance. The owners opted for a complementary look by painting the exposed wood a dark shade and using a complementary color for the backsplash. There’s a fine distinction between the kitchen and living room and this one creates a nice balance.{found on couplesplace}.

Grey White Kitchen Makeover Photo 4