In 2020, the LHD Architecture & Design team published an interesting white kitchen design called Puro 2030.Done in a modern style each kitchen design stands out due to its simplicity and the way it incorporates into the overall design so well that you have the impression of finding yourself in a space ship when you step into the kitchen. As a reminder, this kitchen is designed around the idea of family. The kitchen island is accompanied by the design chairs, which resemble some of the chairs used by old boats when they were a regular distance from the coast.

White chairs surround the dining area, creating an overall bright and comfortable atmosphere, whereas the kitchen island has been designed in retro style and it is surrounded by the Puro 2030 wallpaper. The white kitchen allows the light to come inside up into the house, creating a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

In the bedrooms are designed minimalist and suit the day to day, typical luxury features. The color scheme is the classic tone of white: gray with touches of gold which gives it more elegance and glamour.

Modern White Kitchen Design By 3LHD Photo 3