If you’re living in a cosy home, with a rustic interior and maybe even a tree house for your kids, then you have to love plants. They just love to be outdoors and to breathe fresh air and they just love to be around source of natural light and fresh air. To make your home look a little more cozy and to be as green as possible, you can include plants, furniture and accessories, maybe even canvas.

Artificial plants don’t necessarily need plants in order to become aesturing objects. For example, this is an original and ingenious concept by Ellizabeth and Timothy that allow you to create a beautiful plant display by hanging them on the walls. This way you’ll have a nice way of adding some green to your home and of bringing a little piece of nature inside.

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This type of plants is great for small space because they don’t have to be frosted and they take only a few minutes to grow big enough to become a specimen and to bring freshness to your home. You can create a very interesting gallery by hanging 2 or 3 smaller plants that share a single large planter. If you’re worried about the plants taking up a lot of space you can simply mount them on the wall or, if that’s not possible, you can hang them on the cabinet door.

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Hanging plant stands are usually very simple and they’re also very versatile. You can use them in a variety of different ways and you can create interesting plans and displays, like this one designed by Stephanie of Design On Record. It’s a very artistic display and it would look great in a garden, on a wall or basically anywhere you want. The planter can be purchased at the price of $39.

This is a great idea if you like to grow pinrees or if you simply enjoy doing gardening in general. To get a pin tree like this one you need vacuuming three layers of soil and it’s time to get started with the hard part. First you cut the soil to the size of your desired plant, then you lay the planter out in the cut so that the roots can be evenly spaced and then you start drilling holes for the trees.{found on catandale}.

This is a wonderful vertical garden and it’s easy to make it your own. All you need is a log cut in half, potting soil and a nice pruning shears. Remove the bark and then add the soil and the plant. If you want, you can also add some gravel or pebbles.{found on sisterssuitcaseblog}.

And here’s a wonderful vertical garden which doesn’t need any herbs or plants to be maintained. It’s a sealed mini planter which you can stick into the wall or let the plants climb up. Start by opening a larger hole and filling it with soil. Place the planter carefully and make sure it doesn’t get wet. Dry it out and then plant the plants.{found on site}.

Large planters like this one can be displayed in groups or as a freestanding unit. They’re lined up and they each have their own separate container. The line going between them is a very interesting ad very beautiful structure.{found on ana-white}.

Of course, if you don’t have enough space for a mini planter and you’d rather just hang it on a wall, another option would be to make a hanging hanging herb garden. Make it free and start by cutting some string or wire and attaching it to a nail. Once that’s done, you can chain the planter onto a nail.{found on classicallymodern}.