The Leaf House was designed by Arnor Hayward and it’s a contemporary chandelier that’s been recently created by Leaf House and named like that. The chandelier is composed of 20 light bulbs that have been intertwined and have been created a honeycomb structure. The light that comes from these bulbs features diffuse light but it also reflects off the other bulbs, creating a nice visual effect reminiscent of honeycomb.

The chandelier offers a modern and elegant touch to any home and it’s specifically designed to be included in spacious, open-plan homes. It fits perfectly in the living room by its nature as it features nesting colored light bulbs that are interconnected and form a honeycomb structure. The light of the bulbs is reflected onto the ceiling of the living room by itself but also creates a soft and warm visual effect. Moreover, the honeycombing style of the light bulbs creates a contemporary look and doesn’t place an inconvenience before the eyes.

Contemporary Chandeliers From Leaf House Photo 2

The Leaf House is a beautiful home and a wonderful setting to relax and enjoy the tranquility. It’s a simple but elegant and stylish chandelier that would look lovely in the living room, in the dining room, even on the hallway. It’s the simplicity and elegance that makes this piece special.

Contemporary Chandeliers From Leaf House Photo 4