Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Modern Spiral Staircase Design In Spain

Spanish interior designer Fernando Alonso took some time off, so he brought back some of his most interesting designs. One of them is this staircase that is situated in a residential building from the northern parts of Madrid, Spain. But […]

Tall Floor Decor – The Opera Wall Mount

Designed by Fikissimo, The Opera is a very unusual and eye-catching piece of furniture. It has a unique look that will surely be remembered by all your guests. It’s an unusual combination of functionality and style. In fact, the whole […]

Outside Door Paint Ideas

When you are invited to get some water from a friend, you would like to present him with a pack of gorgeous scented candles. A lovely candle is the finishing touch to your design project and if there is no […]

Wall Corner Shelves By Jake Phipps

Designed by Jake Phipps, this wall corner shelves is a great way to use less of the wall and allow for more storage. This innovative shelving system can allow you to sit two shelves on one side of your wall, […]

Contemporary Chandeliers From Leaf House

The Leaf House was designed by Arnor Hayward and it’s a contemporary chandelier that’s been recently created by Leaf House and named like that. The chandelier is composed of 20 light bulbs that have been intertwined and have been created […]

Wall Corner Shelves

Whether your house is narrow or filled with big rooms, wall corner shelves would still look nice and functional. They are great in a home, especially if you purchase some for the lower price. Designed by Dan Yeffet from Venice, […]