Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Outside Door Paint Ideas

When you are invited to get some water from a friend, you would like to present him with a pack of gorgeous scented candles. A lovely candle is the finishing touch to your design project and if there is no […]

Wall Corner Shelves By Jake Phipps

Designed by Jake Phipps, this wall corner shelves is a great way to use less of the wall and allow for more storage. This innovative shelving system can allow you to sit two shelves on one side of your wall, […]

Contemporary Chandeliers From Leaf House

The Leaf House was designed by Arnor Hayward and it’s a contemporary chandelier that’s been recently created by Leaf House and named like that. The chandelier is composed of 20 light bulbs that have been intertwined and have been created […]

Wall Corner Shelves

Whether your house is narrow or filled with big rooms, wall corner shelves would still look nice and functional. They are great in a home, especially if you purchase some for the lower price. Designed by Dan Yeffet from Venice, […]