Whether your house is narrow or filled with big rooms, wall corner shelves would still look nice and functional. They are great in a home, especially if you purchase some for the lower price. Designed by Dan Yeffet from Venice, California, this particular model is available in Wine Box (Natural wood), which is a great space saving solution, especially if some corners are already too small for shelves.

The shelves are made from wood from the Yamac Oak plantation in the Pacific Northwest, used for your transportation needs. The natural color of the wood converts it from brown to white. This way you will be able to see it clearly without any obstacles in the house. The shelves are not made from a rigid material because the wood doesn’t tend to take any weight. Actually furniture pieces made from wood are most of the times the ones being used for decorating, so maybe a few decorative ones will add some originality to your home.

The perfect example of these shelves is the elegant Wood and Marble Alphabet Corner Shelf. It is tall and white, made from a wooden frame up to six inches wide, and has three shelves. You can make it your own by simply choosing the perfect dimensions for each individual corner of the wall and fitting them perfectly to the wall height.

Wall Corner Shelves Photo 3

It is an easy to move the shelf from one place to another because it is just wall mounted. You can find this beautiful piece of furniture for $239.99.