As our lives become more complicated and regular, we need more and more things to fill our homes with. Our living areas need more storage space for clothes, books, magazines, bags and everything else. The living room needs at least a small bookshelf where we can store short items we don’t want to read before we enter the room and also more comfortable place for a coffee cup, a book, etc. If it’s too big it can be an impossibly big mess in a really small room. The best way to deal with all these features is by making a bookcase.

This is a very simple but also very functional design. It’s a piece that can fit in any corner of your living room. It has a simple design and it can be easily integrated in the décor without having to sacrifice another piece of furniture. Moreover, the design is versatile and you can use it to store almost any type of item, from books to magazines, from collectibles to decorations and personal treasures. Another great thing about this design is that you can arrange the pieces in any way you want. It’s totally up to you. You can create a symmetrical design, a line-of-the-art, a random effect or anything else you want.

Living Spaces Bookcase By Corinna D’Inorio Photo 2